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Is 25% really enough?

Remember the days when your inbox was empty and your mailbox was full?
Those days are gone…


It’s 2016 and we all know that email marketing is the easiest, most cost-effective and most responsive way to market. At InformaDATA we couldn’t agree more.

But consider this:

  • 60% or more companies now have some sort of SPAM or Junk filtering in place, limiting the number of emails that hit a recipient’s inbox.
  • The emails that do get thru, average open rates for business emails is between 19-25%.
  • That figure means – at least 60-75% of your emails never get opened. That’s ALL emails ALL the time.
  • Third-party list suppliers who are diligent about Email Privacy Laws honor all opt out and unsubscribe requests immediately, lowering the amount of deliverable email addresses available per segment.
  • Email marketing is now the norm instead of the novelty it was before. Does it still work? Of course, but many marketers are putting Postal Direct Mail back in the mix.

Bottom line… by only employing email marketing you are missing some of the key contacts in your market that may be interested in your products or services. And losing sales.

The Solution? Bring on the mail!

You put a lot of time, effort and money into each marketing campaign you do. Make sure it gets looked at by as many target contacts as possible. We can get you full postal counts for any segment we have; or if you do want to stick with email as a first line of marketing we can get you counts on the just the contact you are missing. Bring back the excitement of getting something in the mailbox instead of the inbox.

Contact InformaDATA for more information or view all the available segments on our website: www.informadata.com.

Amy Miller

Email: amy.miller@informausa.com

Phone: 508-439-9515

informadata_logo Beth Gerson

Email: bethany.gerson@informausa.com

Phone: 508-614-1604