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SK&A, A Cegedim Company

20% Broker Commission

Over the last year, SK&A has added nearly 20,000 new medical sites to its Office-Based Physician database, bringing it to its largest site count ever. Now with profiles for 264,737 sites throughout the U.S., the database is the most inclusive and customizable resource SK&A has to offer.


SK&A's Office-Based Physicians and Decision Makers database contains over 100 job titles and 30 contact and profiling-data-point options for every name. With 736,976 physicians, 66,791 nurse practitioners and 50,069 physician assistants, the list contains over 850,000 prescribers, as well as job titles such as medical assistant, office manager, administrator and more.


This database contains a total of 1.2 million physician office professionals, and it is always 100-percent telephone-verified in SK&A's Research Center in Irvine, Calif., every six months.

Target your physician audience by:


Practice type


Hospital, group medical practice, and/or health system affiliation

Number of physicians in practice

Number of exam rooms

Health insurance acceptance

Daily patient volume

Doctors' availability to see sales reps

EHR software usage and much more

List Count:


Base Price


Phone Numbers


Fax Numbers


Min Order (5,000 names)


The SK&A Office-Based Physicians and Decision Makers database offers excellent results for introducing surgical equipment or medical supplies, recruiting new talent, promoting CME and training programs, surveying department managers, offering catalogs and publications, waste disposal, promoting EMR/EHR software and technology, market planning and analysis, and more.

Why Choose SK&A for Healthcare Data?


Guaranteed 100% deliverable
Targeted with many selects
Robust with the highest counts of practitioners
Accurate because every record is telephone-verified
Fresh new records available daily
Audited by BPA Worldwide

For more information or to place your order, please contact:

Tom McCulloh 800-752-2620 or tom.mcculloh@cegedim.com
Cori LaRue 949-255-1256 or cori.larue@cegedim.com