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Case Study

Cataloger finds sales and acquisition success via third-party programmatic advertising

Using digital media marketing and advertising for customer acquisition strategy
This Midwestern consumer catalog leader is well-known for its cards, gifts, household items and unique food products. As a traditional marketer, the company was exploring the most effective ways to develop a digital marketing plan and expand its reach using various digital channels.
It turned to NJ digital marketing agency d3 for creative ideas to generate additional sales and facilitate new customer acquisition. d3 recommended testing programmatic advertising in subscription-based email newsletters. Because these targeted communications are opted-in by a favorite brand’s customers, they enjoy high open rates.

Digital advertising placement in targeted emails
Ad placement in third-party emails is a unique premium display channel of over 2,000 brands and publishers that regularly deploy high-value content to subscribers. These are the emails consumers welcome into their in-boxes, allowing advertisers to reach their target audience when highly engaged using real-time optimization to dynamically serve up offers when an email is opened. And unlike other display channels, advertisers pay only for the impressions that are rendered in an email that is opened.
The cataloger ran several campaigns for two seasonal items — a personalized holiday greeting popular for gift-giving by older consumers, and a gourmet candy product. In addition to the programmatic digital advertising for these items, the marketer also tested dynamic product retargeting ads. When a shopper viewed a certain product on the website, they received an ad for that product in their next email.

Testing drives high volume of new orders and post-view conversions
Both tests were deemed a success by the cataloger. The programmatic advertising campaign generated over 2,000 orders for the two seasonal items during peak holiday buying. Dynamic product retargeting ads drove nearly 600 orders and $18,000 in revenue, plus an additional 2,500 post-view conversions. Based on the success of the test, the cataloger has continued to use retargeting ads in fiscal 2018 and is delighted to be seeing similar activity.
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Digital marketing company d3 helps marketers develop and execute effective email marketing, lead generation, remarketing and customer acquisition strategies. A division of Specialists Marketing Services, Inc., New Jersey-based d3 provides a single, knowledgeable resource for campaign data, strategy and analysis across the digital realm — relieving the day-to-day burden of managing multi-faceted digital campaigns and helping clients accelerate their digital marketing ROI. For more information, visit d3specialists.com.