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Display In Email

Display In Email – A Unique Tactic for Acquisition or CRM Remarketing

In-email advertising allows marketers to engage with highly targeted audience segments through programmatic advertising in subscription-based email newsletters. This is a solid strategy for both new customer acquisition and CRM remarketing.

We have access to over 1600+ top email newsletters, reaching 145MM unique, engaged, and loyal subscribers monthly.

Best of all, our ads are placed next to premium content and served only when the consumer opens the email and downloads the graphics. This gives you a guaranteed 100% open rate on your ad.

We use the following 3 in-email advertising tactics to effectively drive new customers or sign-ups:

  1. Target specific audience segments, across multiple publications, to place your brand message in front of your best prospects.
  2. Use machine learning to find the most efficient (low CPA) consumers.
  3. Use your best customers to build a look-a-like model and target similar prospects.

Benefits of Using Display In Email:

  • Targets will see your messaging when they open email newsletters they subscribe to, even when they are not opening your emails
  • Special offers are seen exclusively by target segments, allowing for more aggressive marketing without eroding margin in the larger customer base
  • Low CPM and precise targeting make campaigns well worth the effort
  • Lapsed or unresponsive customer files can be uploaded and identified via email match on our platform servers
  • Your message to reach your target audience while also associating your brand with one they are loyal to
This Tactic Works Best For:
  • RETAINING current customers and increasing repeat purchases or visits
  • REACTIVATING lapsed customers and reaching those with undeliverable emails
  • OPTIMIZING for new customer acquisition while using data from your current customer base
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