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d3 Co-Reg

Branding By Association with Co-Reg

For the right brands/offers, co-reg can be an excellent, cost-effective way to rapidly grow your prospecting file.

Co-reg campaigns place your campaign offers to customers on pages of 3rd party sites. These customers associate their positive relationship with the host site to your brand and are easily encouraged to sample new offerings. 

 There are numerous types of co-reg programs including...

  • Thank-you pages
  • Rewards pages
  • Sampling sites 
  • And more! 
Co-reg programs can match your targeted customer types with hosted pages where your targeted customer is most likely to respond. Multiple levels of qualification can be included to capture more data from the prospect. 

How It Works:

  • Data is collected and pre-verified on program/host servers and passed real time to advertisers. A welcome email is auto-generated when a consumer selects your brand offer
  • Cost is per lead, net new name to file. Guaranteed 100% deliverable. Pricing varies by brand and saturation in marketplace
  • Leads are fully owned by client and are CAN-SPAM compliant. The typical record includes full postal record with email, and additional 
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