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Dividend Channel (70k) is aimed at retail investors and financial advisors trying to maximize the opportunities in yield and income. DividendChannel.com will be a one-stop source for aggregated data on dividend stocks, including features such as a dividend stock screener, a live dividend feed, an ex-div calendar, and a dividend calculator.

ETF Channel (18k) is comprised of registrants of ETFChannel.com and offers advertisers the ability to target a well-read, upscale, computer-literate consumer audience who are responsive to email offers.  The subscribers are a mix of both Financial Advisors and Retail Investors interested in ETFs.  They are highly responsive to financial, options, ETF, Email newsletter subscription, upscale consumer, professional, and home office type offers.

International Business Times (127k) is an online global business newspaper, comprising of 13 editions, published in 8 languages across 13 countries. It is among the top ten online business newspapers in the world. IB Times offers news, analysis and opinion on geo-politics, global economy, markets, large and small cap companies, science and technology and business life and culture.

Eagle Financial Publications (165k) subscriber list is comprised of investors highly responsive to financial, options, forex, Email newsletter subscription, upscale consumer, professional, and home office type offers. They are looking for daily info on financial ideas and news. For a combined 90+ years, world-renowned investment experts -- Doug Fabian, Dr. Mark Skousen, Nicholas Vardy and Chris Versace -- have been providing wealth-building advice and recommendations to millions of independent-minded investors.

FreeRealTime.com (300k) is a Web-centric financial media company providing sophisticated investors from around the world real-time actionable insight into financial markets. By delivering actionable insight, analysis, and tools through its free and subscription services, FreeRealtime gives its members and readers the ability to turn knowledge into wealth.

Retirement-Income.com (300k) Individuals over the age of 55 who responded to a financial offer or services including annuity shoppers, IRA distributions, interest income seekers, financial analysis, annuity buyers, mutual fund investors, LTC buyers, IRA and 401K rollovers, life insurance.

The Iraqi Dinar (Dinar Daddy - 60k) is a one-stop-shop for investment resource links, sites, information, theories, chats, posts and rumors about the dinar. The Iraqi Dinar subscribers are following the latest chats, posts, rumors and news articles posted all over the various dinar forums looking for information on long term investing opportunies and forex.

Condor Options (8,500) is a trading firm focusing on market neutral trading strategies. Condor Options publishes two educational newsletters teaching iron condors and calendar spreads, with a focus on risk management and quantitative analysis. The Condor Options list is comprised of free and paid registrants to the site's and offers above and allow advertisers to target a well-read, upscale, computer-literate consumer audience who are responsive to email offers.  They are highly responsive to financial, Options, Forex, Email newsletter subscription, upscale consumer, professional and home office type offers.

IVolatility (49k) Comprised of both individual and institutional - who actively trade futures and equity options, IVolatility.com provides the most targeted and focused group of options participants available on the web. Our viewers access our data services for option trading strategies every day. Forbes, Barron's, Institutional Investor and many others have recognized our options database as the place for market volatility data including the best volatility charts in the business.

21st Century Forex Trader (48k) is designed to help readers obtain Forex trading education and discuss ways to trade the markets using their analysis in the decision process. With more than twenty combined years of experience in the Forex markets, their professional instructors help the reader become successful trading the Forex markets in the shortest time possible. 21st Century Forex Trader email list is generated through their online subscription process.


InvestingChannel Exclusively Manages Over 50 Different Investing Lists In Various Investors Interests Including:

  • Dividends
  • Options
  • Commodities
  • Forex
  • Small Caps
  • ETF
  • Retirement
  • Investor Relations
  • Financial Advisors

For More Information, Contact:
Chris D'Autorio

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Chris Versace's PowerTalk

We are excited to announce the launch of a new email sponsorship program exclusive to InvestingChannel, called Chris Versace's PowerTalk. PowerTalk is a weekly webcast (every Tuesday Afternoon) where host, Chris Versace, speaks with CEOs, COOs and other key business people at public and private companies as well as other subject matter experts. PowerTalk is owned by Eagle Financial Publications and is sent to two different lists (Eagle Financial Publications (165k) and RedState.com (270k)).

This is a very unique type of sponsorship because not only does the sponsor get a banner and text ad in the initial announcement, they get a follow up dedicated email to the opens, clicks and recent subscribers four days later. That dedicated follow up has had extremely high response rates and is a home-run for advertisers.

The sponsorship includes:

Banner & Text Ad Sponsorship:

  • Eagle Financial Publications (165k)
  • RedState.com (270K)

Dedicated Email Follow Up:

  • Eagle Financial Publications (25k min)
  • RedState.com (40k min)

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For More Information, Contact:
Chris D'Autorio - Chris@InvestingChannel.com - 646.480.5233

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