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Follow the Wealth to Reach Today's Active Spenders
businessmen and trendy epicures AmEx Publishing 2.7 Million Affluent Consumers golfers
family fun and travel Tap into this fully selectable response universe of
2.7 million affluent, primed consumers with upscale lifestyles and money to spend.
frequent travelers


> Target buyers, subscribers, club members, new movers, or business addresses.  

> Select by any combination of geography, source, recency and over 1,500 enhanced demographic, interest and purchase data variables.


AmEx Pub magazines

Food & Wine
799,500 Active Subscribers
75,100 Active Subscribers
Travel + Leisure
823,100 Active Subscribers

AmEx Pub books BUYERS
Appointment Book & Diary Buyers
743,200 Buyers
Food & Wine Cookbook Buyers
390,900 Buyers
Food & Wine Magazine's
Official Wine Guide Buyers

57,000 Buyers
Travel + Leisure Book Buyers
73,700 Book Buyers
AmEx pub membership clubs CLUB MEMBERS
Food & Wine Connoisseur Club
87,700 Club Members
SkyGuide Executive Privilege Club
67,100 Club Members
Travel + Leisure Elite Traveler Club
138,700 Club Members
Travel + Leisure Family Club
61,200 Club Members
Travel + Leisure Golf Players Club
65,600 Club Members
American Express Publishing
Membership Clubs Masterfile

294,400 Club Members

CATALOG, RETAIL, NONPROFIT, and REGIONAL mailers qualify for incentive pricing rates!
see details

American Express Publishing Enhanced Database
2,745,000 Actives Enhanced
Food & Wine Brands Masterfile
1,216,300 Active Subscribers/Buyers/Club Members
Travel + Leisure Brands Masterfile
1,184,800 Active Subscribers/Buyers/Club Members


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Time Inc., Oxmoor House Inc., and American Express Publishing

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All enhanced data elements are from InfoBase data. Enhancement data does not come from the American Express Cardmember file.