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NEW Frightfully Responsive Lists from Time Inc.
New Lists from Time Inc.
InStyle Marketing Genetics Real Simple Marketing Genetics Southern Living Marketing Genetics
New RFM, Sales Channel and Product Category selections on InStyle, Real Simple and Southern Living will connect you with accurately targeted prospects based on their current shopping behavior—FOR RESPONSE SO GOOD, IT'S FRIGHTENING—and it's scaring the competition.

InStyle, Real Simple and Southern Living are now selectable by true transactional data elements from Marketing Genetics including product purchase categories tied to recency and dollar, along with key demographics from Infogroup enhancements.

The Marketing Genetics data elements are derived from a rich prospecting repository of pooled 2-year purchasing histories from hundreds of catalog marketers with more than 1 billion individual buying transactions. 

InStyle Marketing Genetics
331,700 Last 12 Month Total Buyers
166,700 Last 12 Month Catalog Buyers
  44,600 Last 3 Month $100+ Catalog Buyers
203,700 Women's Apparel Buyers
134,100 Housewares/Furnishings Buyers
113,600 Gift Merchandise Buyers
108,600 Children's Merchandise Buyers
103,700 Home Décor Buyers
  97,600 Men's Apparel Buyers

See data card for additional counts and list details

Real Simple Marketing Genetics
554,900 12 Month Total Buyers
306,500 12 Month Catalog Buyers
  75,600 3 Month $100+ Buyers
327,600 Women's Apparel Buyers
233,800 Housewares/Furnishings Buyers
189,300 Gift/Merchandise Buyers
183,600 Children's Merchandise Buyers
170,200 Home Décor Buyers
122,800 Food Buyers

See data card for additional counts and list details

Southern Living Marketing Genetics
1,072,400 12 Month Total Buyers
   668,800 12 Month Catalog Buyers
   188,700 Last 3 Month $100+ Catalog Buyers
   575,600 Women's Apparel Buyers
   422,400 Housewares/Furnishings Buyers
   301,500 Gift Merchandise Buyers
   281,600 Children's Merchandise Buyers
   267,700 Home Décor Buyers
   197,000 Health/Beauty Buyers
See data card for additional counts and list details
Catalog Mail Order Buyer Segments Include:
Apparel, Beauty, Cooking, Children's Merchandise, Food,
Gifts, General Merchandise, Gardening, Health Products, Home Décor + Furnishings, Housewares, Jewelry, Pets, Patio + Pool...
to name a few.


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For counts, recommendations, and more information, contact the Time Inc. Sales Team:
Sherry Flint at 402-836-5182;
Sue Cullinane at 402-836-5542; Chris Goodwin at 402-836-5120.

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