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This award-winning magazine caters to children age 7 to 12 and is filled with amazing photography, fascinating stories, and fun activities.

188,000 Last 12 Month Subscribers
214,000 Active Subscribers
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Usage includes: American Girl Catalog • Denver Museum of Nature and Science • Field Museum of Natural History • Highlights for Children • Kids Discover Magazine • Mindware • Natural History Museum of LA • Oriental Trading Co. • Woodland Park Zoo • Zoo Consortium

Brand new in late 2012, Ranger Rick Jr. caters to children age 4 to 7 and offers picture book pages of wild learning adventures.

220,000 Last 12 Month Subscribers
236,000 Active Subscribers
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Usage includes: Buena Vista • Highlights for Children • Oregon Zoo Foundation • Oriental Trading Co. • Zoo Consortium

This is a combined deduped file consisting of Ranger Rick, Ranger Rick Jr., Big Backyard, and Wild Animal Baby and is selectable by subscribers or gift givers. Gift givers are generally grandparents sending a gift subscription to their grandchildren. The gift givers have an average age of 60 and income of $100,000. 9 mailers continuing!

1,258,000 Total Universe
  214,000 Last 12 Month Gift Givers
  371,000 Last 12 Month Subscribers
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Newly enhanced with Marketing Genetics information, the Ranger Rick Masterfile is selectable through consumer catalog and online transactional purchases by product category, channel, number of transactions, and purchase dollar amount.

450,000 Active Subscribers
 29,000 Craft Buyers
 80,000 Food Buyers
 57,000 Health/Beauty Buyers
129,000 Home Décor Buyers
 31,000 Home/Office Buyers
 29,000 Travel/Leisure Buyers
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The files are enhanced with Infogroup enhancements offering Child Age, Adult Age, Income, Lifestyles, Ethnicity, Religion, and Political Affiliation.

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 76,000 Child Age 0-3
103,000 Child Age 4-6
110,000 Child Age 7-10
 34,000 Child Age 11-12
 27,000 Child Age 13-17

491,000 Adult Age 30+
344,000 Adult Age 40+
218,000 Adult Age 50+
159,000 Adult Age 60+

Cats - 200,000
Cooking - 186,000
Collectibles - 106,000
Crafts - 131,000
Dogs - 25,000
Gardening - 137,000
Health/Fitness - 119,000
Travel - 118,000
Reading/Magazines - 83,000

African American - 9,000
Hispanic - 21,000

Catholic - 281,000
Protestant - 167,000
Jewish - 41,000

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NEW in 2013, Infogroup's TargetReady Models were developed to provide ready-made “marketing answers” to marketers based on a full array of Infogroup data. Every possible variable was used to capture demographic, lifestyle and Census data with specific categories selected based on consumer behavior and attitudes.

For more information on these proven performers, please contact Linda Thompson at Infogroup Targeting Solutions, 402.836.5154.

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