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Infogroup Media Solutions

The Atlantic delivers the perfect candidates for a range of mailers. These readers (55% men, 36% women)—who appreciate the magazine’s award-winning writing covering an extensive array of topics and issues—are also responsive to a wide variety of offers. From national and international news to science, politics, art, travel, food and culture, The Atlantic offers choice words and insight in every issue.

382,000  Active Subscribers
128,000  Last 6 Month Actives
293,000  Last 12 Month Actives
  35,000  Last 3 Month Paid DTP
205,000  Last 12 Month Paid DTP
210,000  Active Male Subscribers
137,000  Active Female Subscribers
266,000  Active DTP Subscribers
  57,000  Last 12 Month Active Gift Givers
  35,000  Active Gift Givers
  13,000  Active Canadian Subscribers
128,000  Last 12 Month Gourmet Food/Wine
  83,000  Last 12 Month Pet Interest
  91,000  Last 12 Month Travel Interest
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Selections for political mailers:
75,000 Last 12 Month Democrats
23,000 Last 12 Month Republicans
43,000 Last 24 Month Non-Declared
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50+ mailers continue including:
The Boston Globe, Carl Bloom Associates Public Broadcasting, Central Park Conservancy, Daniller Art Consortium, The Economist, Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, Food Banks, Graphics Press, High Country News, Harvard Health Letter, High Museum of Art, Human Rights Watch, NY Historical Society, Public Broadcasting Consortium, Road Scholar, The Salvation Army, Seattle Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, The Sun - A Magazine of Ideas, The Wall Street Journal.

The Atlantic - delivering perfect candidates for countless offers. Contact Cindi Nowatnick at Infogroup Media Solutions for more information or a detailed recommendation, 402.836.6238

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