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Infogroup Media Solutions

Whether planning a birthday, a graduation, or a special celebration, these affluent households with children use the Oriental Trading catalog to make every event FUN. Tap into this audience with your next offer!

1,800,000 Last 12 Month Buyers
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6 Month, HHI $100,000+ Buyers:
POC Ages 0-2 = 62,600
POC Ages 3-5 = 56,000
POC Ages 6-10 = 38,400
POC Ages 11-15 = 28,900

12 Month, HHI $100,000+ Buyers:
POC Ages 0-2 = 107,800
POC Ages 3-5 = 98,800
POC Ages 6-10 = 71,700
POC Ages 11-15 = 57,400

Product Selects Include:
Birthday = 554,700
Costumes = 111,400
Crafts / Kids = 576,000
Party Supplies = 1,321,600
Plush Dolls = 334,100
Toys = 986,700

6 Month, HHI $100,000+, Catalog or Multichannel Buyers:
POC Ages 0-2 = 7,400
POC Ages 3-5 = 8,200
POC Ages 6-10 = 6,700
POC Ages 11-15 = 5,500

12 Month, HHI $100,000+, Catalog or Multichannel Buyers:

POC Ages 0-2 = 12,400
POC Ages 3-5 = 13,900
POC Ages 6-10 = 11,900
POC Ages 11-15 = 10,400

Exact Date of Birth (MM/YY) is also available -
please inquire.

Mailers continuing include
American Girl Catalog, Busch Gardens, Christian Brands, Current, Fingerhut Corporation, Harriet Carter Gifts, Highlights for Children, Justice, and more!

The 1.8 million buyers of Oriental Trading are 79% women with an average age of 43 and average income of $50,000. 

Oriental Trading Modeling Program
By identifying mailers' best customers with their unique characteristics and matching them to Oriental Trading Company's customers, mailers can dramatically increase response.
Highlights for Children is continuing while Guideposts is currently testing.

Find out more about how the Oriental Trading file can work for your next kid-related offer. Contact the Oriental Trading team at Infogroup Media Solutions:
Lynn Wallis 402.836.5602
Jennifer Plourde 402.836.5135


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