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Infogroup Data Solutions

Why mail the Ranger Rick Magazine Masterfile? Because you’ll be reaching affluent male and female consumers eager for your next offer.

Ranger Rick Masterfile
369,000 Last 12 Month Subscribers
218,000 Gift Givers
468,000 Subscribers & Gift Givers

Ranger Rick
164,000 Last 12 Month Subscribers
  95,000 Last 12 Month Gift Givers

Ranger Rick Jr.
162,000 Last 12 Month Subscribers
110,000 Last 12 Month Gift Givers

Ranger Rick Cub
59,000 Last 12 Month Subscribers
53,000 Last 12 Month Gift Givers


Who are the Ranger Rick customers?
The Ranger Rick subscribers are mainly women who are buying a subscription for their children ages 7 and up, while gift givers are mostly grandparents (average age of 60) who are buying a gift subscription for their grandchildren. All Ranger Rick customers have a household income of $100,000+.

What does Ranger Rick offer?
Ranger Rick is a division of National Wildlife Federation which offers three award winning magazines with amazing photography, fascinating stories about animal adventures, and fun activities for children. Ranger Rick caters to children 7 and up, while Ranger Rick Jr. is ideal for children age 4-7. Ranger Rick Cub is the newest addition to the Ranger Rick family and is perfect for the littlest learners age 0-4.

Facebook Targeting on the Ranger Rick Masterfile
Now target specific groups of Ranger Rick subscribers and gift givers in their Facebook News Feeds! H
ow does it work? Once an offer is approved through the normal approval process, the Ranger Rick postal names are matched with current email addresses. Those email addresses are then uploaded to Facebook along with the ad which will run for 30 days. Users can order Facebook Targeting on its own or in conjunction with postal names.

Contact Audrey Wallis at Infogroup Media Solutions for more information—402.836.5109.


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