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KnowledgeBase Marketing - Veterans Database
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AmeriLINK® Charitable Contributors


It's an election year and time to target donors to political parties. And, there are many other worthy causes for which those who donate to charities share compassion and support. Now more than ever, it's critical to ensure donation requests reach the right audience.
New to Market! KBM Group Introduces an Expanded Universe of Donor Data
While the reasons people donate vary, reaching the maximum number of potential donors about causes that resonate with them achieves the best results. We have expanded our Charitable Contributors Database by modeling multiple sources of donors at the category level to offer a new potential universe of probable donors for you to tap into. Categories include:

Animal lovers

Arts and entertainment

Children's causes

Conservative political causes

Liberal political causes

Environmental issues

Health and disease prevention

Humanitarian issues

Religious causes

Veterans causes

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Find out how you can leverage these additional consumers who are most likely to donate to charities. Call 866-ASK4KBM (275-4526) or email sales@kbmg.com for details.